Dent de Man

Spring/Summer 15 sees DENT de MAN develop and grow with this exciting new collection; prints remain true to the brand's love of storytelling and spiritualism whilst approaching a fresh, new aesthetic.


Taking inspiration from psychedelic art and bohemia, DENT de MAN takes a more balanced approach by demonstrating a journey towards maturity and evolution.This is represented by a sometimes-darker mood with the stories behind each print becoming representative of a spiritual guide towards a positive awakening.

This season’s prints signify positive and negative spaces as being warped and rearranged. Fractal patterns, shapes and objects suggest life obstacles on the pathway towards greatness. Once again, the DENT de MAN man is invited to reveal himself through the collection, this time towards a place of acceptance as his soul is revitalised for the new season.

Contrasting print placements and fabric paneling represent the importance of loyalty and commitment along with self-revelation and freedom. Kaleidoscopic patterns sit next to classic stripes, whilst intricate prints and ancient art forms appear alongside Polka dots and Chambray. This divergence of patterns and colours exhibit the brands contemporary focus for SS15 whilst remaining true to classic and vintage style.

Chosen from a vast archive, each print has its own name and is representative of the designer’s life experiences.The intricate lines and dots of ‘Tourbillon’ are suggestive of a deep, mystical aura that triggers desire and action.‘LaVie en Rose’ exemplifes the way life can be a combination of beauty and danger, demonstrated by the delicate elegance of a rose and its thorns.

We see structured cuts and bold colourful prints throughout to suggest energy and joy, along with the brands signature suiting. Extreme depth and intricate detailing is achieved through the combination of bright, acid colours and earthy bohemian hues. Sports luxe is introduced for the first time with Nylon fabric, hooded tops and a more casual approach to cut and silhouette.

The wearer is invited to assent towards a fresh start, injecting positivity into his style as the first signs of spring begin to emerge.»


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