Over 150 years of technical expertise, craftsmanship and know-how have ensured that Vlisco’s production process is second to none and remains a closely guarded secret.
By building and patented the required machines and owning the only manufacturing site in Europe capable of producing such quantities of batik fabric with such a high level of quality, Vlisco has established itself as the number one wax fabric manufacturer in West and Central Africa.

The three-dimensional depth of Vlisco fabrics is achieved by combining the unique wax technique with the design of the drawings. The pattern is literally built up layer by layer, from the application of the drawings using the wax technique in the first stage, to the step-by-step application of various colours. Due to the wax technique, irregularities and little imperfections arise in the image which give the fabric a hand-made, diverse and layered appearance.

Secrets of succes – DESIGN

Original design & True craft

Vlisco has a truly unique design language and all this creativity has resulted in a truly colourful and original world.
Our renowned process and craft is our best-kept secret and is unique in the world. Wax fabric goes through 27 treatments both by machine and hand and takes 2 weeks to produce.

Colour crazy

Colour is our obsession and we make our own unique colours in-house to ensure the deepest, most vibrant colours that are colourfast too.